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Featured image for “Shouting Can’t Compete With Storytelling”

Shouting Can’t Compete With Storytelling

Today’s communication is less about shouting your message AT your customers, and more about telling your story TO them. Creativity is the new currency.
Featured image for “Email Marketing: It’s a Question Of Value”

Email Marketing: It’s a Question Of Value

It may not get the headlines any more, but email is still an amazingly effective communication medium.
Featured image for “Howzat! Communicating Information like Twenty20”

Howzat! Communicating Information like Twenty20

Customer content consumption habits have evolved. Attention spans have decreased. Your marketing information needs to be shorter, sharper, and to-the-point.
Featured image for “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

The passing of a legendary business figure.
Featured image for “The Mobile Web Isn’t The Web”

The Mobile Web Isn’t The Web

The mobile version of your website needs to present content differently from the desktop version.
Featured image for “Have Product Brochures Become Obsolete?”

Have Product Brochures Become Obsolete?

The role of a marketer has changed, to now include the curation of user-generated content and use the company’s visibility to push this content to the their audience. So do we still need product brochures?
Featured image for “Content Isn’t Everything. It’s The Only Thing.”

Content Isn’t Everything. It’s The Only Thing.

Few businesses take the content of their customer-facing collateral as seriously as they should.
Featured image for ““Google & Microsoft Are History” Video”

“Google & Microsoft Are History” Video

Some great insights from an industry veteran.
Featured image for “Don’t Be (Seen As) An Average Company”

Don’t Be (Seen As) An Average Company

The most dangerous marketing strategy for your business today is to be seen as being “average”.
Featured image for “Maintaining Credibility In The Eyes Of Your Customer”

Maintaining Credibility In The Eyes Of Your Customer

If you don’t seem credible to your customer, they’ll buy elsewhere.
Featured image for “Social Media Grows Up: Welcome To The Age of Curation”

Social Media Grows Up: Welcome To The Age of Curation

There’s too much content out there for most of us to consume. Curation is the next era for the web, but what are the implications for your business?
Featured image for “Stop Spamming Your Customers”

Stop Spamming Your Customers

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
Featured image for “No-one Reads Your Press Release:  Why PR Became Lazy”

No-one Reads Your Press Release: Why PR Became Lazy

Have PR agencies become lazy and complacent in how they represent their clients?
Featured image for “Keeping Your Fans Happy With New Content”

Keeping Your Fans Happy With New Content

Saying the same as everyone else, just to post something out there, is a surefire way to irrelevance.
Featured image for “Translation Management with QARTO – Video Presentation”

Translation Management with QARTO – Video Presentation

Content asset management for language.
Featured image for “What Do You Do For An Encore?”

What Do You Do For An Encore?

Having them come to you one time is great. But how do you get them to come back?
Featured image for “Show Your Customers Some Love”

Show Your Customers Some Love

The world needs more lovecats.
Featured image for “Do you have Followers, Fans or Evangelists?”

Do you have Followers, Fans or Evangelists?

Getting your customers to help out with your marketing. Why? Because they want to.
Featured image for “Where’s the Center of Your World?  You’re Already There”

Where’s the Center of Your World? You’re Already There

Geographic location no longer has the advantage – or disadvantage – it had.
Featured image for “Today’s Game Is About Changing The Game”

Today’s Game Is About Changing The Game

The fact remains: your industry and customer expectations will change. You can either lead that change, or follow it.
Featured image for “Business Designs On Commerce”

Business Designs On Commerce

How you present something is at least as important as what you present.
Featured image for “Less Public and More Relations”

Less Public and More Relations

Public Relations is in a race to grow up, before it faced increasing irrelevance.
Featured image for “Your Company Isn’t Perfect”

Your Company Isn’t Perfect

Every business screws up. The difference between the good ones and the bad ones is how the screw-up is handled.
Featured image for “Simple Is Complicated”

Simple Is Complicated

Complicating your messaging might make you feel good about yourself. But everyone else thinks you suck.
Featured image for “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

There has to be buy-in at every company level in order for any marketing initiative to truly work.
Featured image for “Taking The Initiative”

Taking The Initiative

Maybe your customers aren’t asking you about something because they’re getting answers from someone else.
Featured image for “The Right Person For The Job”

The Right Person For The Job

Your in-house marketer is great at social media, but their web chops aren’t all that? That’s perfectly normal.
Featured image for “It’s Not (Just) About Content”

It’s Not (Just) About Content

Content is important. But context eats its lunch.
Featured image for “Keeping Your Business Communications Simple”

Keeping Your Business Communications Simple

Study after study shows that people prefer simplicity. Less really is more.
Featured image for “Too Close To The Problem: Effective Communication”

Too Close To The Problem: Effective Communication

Sometimes it’s hard to see the real marketing problem because of one’s own proximity and familiarity to it.
Featured image for “Blending Into The Crowd: The Problem With Price Comparison Sites”

Blending Into The Crowd: The Problem With Price Comparison Sites

If all you have to go on is your pricing being lower, you’re on a one-way ticket to irrelevance.
Featured image for “Saying No to ‘No’”

Saying No to ‘No’

Dear Middle-Managers: Stop being part of the problem.
Featured image for “What Does Your Company Sell?”

What Does Your Company Sell?

Are you selling price, or customer value?
Featured image for “Don’t Blame The Tools For Your Lousy Presentation”

Don’t Blame The Tools For Your Lousy Presentation

The reason your PowerPoint sucks is because you’re expecting the software to do your work for you.
Featured image for ““One Size Fits All” Format Coming For Online Video”

“One Size Fits All” Format Coming For Online Video

Some interesting news on the video content front.
Featured image for “Personalization Is Dead”

Personalization Is Dead

Individualization beats personalization any day of the week.
Featured image for “2010: The Year Of The Video”

2010: The Year Of The Video

Your company can no longer afford to ignore the potential that online video offers for your business value messaging.
Featured image for “New Thinking For A New Decade”

New Thinking For A New Decade

If you’re marketing this decade like you marketed the last decade, you will most likely be disappointed with your results.
Featured image for “It’s Not What You Know…It’s Who You Know”

It’s Not What You Know…It’s Who You Know

How the internet, and social networks, have helped break down barriers to commerce.
Featured image for “Small Business Marketing: The Future’s Mobile”

Small Business Marketing: The Future’s Mobile

The mobile internet is coming fast. How does your company plan to take advantage of the opportunity that online mobile devices will provide?

Who’s Damaging Your Brand?

Customers are looking at every touchpoint they see of your business – and judging you accordingly.
Featured image for “Now What Do You Do?”

Now What Do You Do?

Know your market. Existing customers need different collateral to new ones.
Featured image for “Flash? In The Pan”

Flash? In The Pan

Flash? Arrggghhh…
Featured image for “The Danger Of The Gilded Cage”

The Danger Of The Gilded Cage

Promotion often means rising to the level of incompetence.
Featured image for “Why Should Customers Choose You?”

Why Should Customers Choose You?

Customers choose to buy from you for many reasons. Your product is just one of them.
Featured image for “Judging A (Note)Book By Its Cover”

Judging A (Note)Book By Its Cover

The birth of a new product segment – and its soon-to-be rapid, untimely death.
Featured image for “How Do Your Customers Find You?”

How Do Your Customers Find You?

Customers find your business in a variety of ways, via numerous channels. It’s important to be where they expect to find you – as well as not in places where you’re not welcome.
Featured image for “Non-Optional Extras: Hiding The True Cost From Your Customers”

Non-Optional Extras: Hiding The True Cost From Your Customers

When you have the gall to charge an extra $500 delivery on a $30,000 automobile purchase, the only thing the customer remembers is the insult of having to pay the hidden extra.
Featured image for “Taking it Personally With Printed Cards”

Taking it Personally With Printed Cards

If you’re sending holiday cards out by email, you’re totally missing the point.
Featured image for “Standing Out From The Crowd”

Standing Out From The Crowd

Your business needs to stand out. It needs to shout about how great it is. If it doesn’t, don’t expect anyone else to.
Featured image for “The Writing’s On The Wall For Blogs”

The Writing’s On The Wall For Blogs

Blogging isn’t dying. But the quality and depth of blog articles must increase, in the light of increased competition for reader attention.
Featured image for “Are Your Presentations Letting You Down?”

Are Your Presentations Letting You Down?

Business Presentations are as much about showbiz, theatre, and acting as they are about message delivery. Which is probably why so many of them suck.
Featured image for “Increase Sales Leads From Your Website”

Increase Sales Leads From Your Website

Want more website leads? Get a better company website. Your site needs to be more than an online brochure.
Featured image for “Embrace Video – Before Your Competitors Do”

Embrace Video – Before Your Competitors Do

Video-based content offers huge opportunities within any startup or small business marketing repertoire.
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