Embrace Video – Before Your Competitors Do

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Sony EX-3 cameraThere’s a great article on The Street about why businesses should look at the forth dimension – time – when planning their marketing mix.

Basically, the article outlines that using video is no longer reserved for huge multinationals – small and medium-sized firms can (and should) look at embracing video as another string to their communications bow. Just like glossy brochures, a web presence or a sales presentation; video has a place in your marketing arsenal.

A few years ago, using video for presentations, case studies, tradeshow graphics or in websites was a company differentiator. Today, it’s becoming commonplace with companies (such as ours) offering high-quality imagery that leaves a lasting impression.

However, the piece warns about cutting corners and trying to do the project yourself. As the author says, just because you can go to the shops and buy the same ingredients it doesn’t follow that you can cook like a Michelin-starred chef.

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