Content Creation

Online, today’s business needs to be more than just a nice-looking website

Customers are no longer interested in a website that’s little more than a online brochure


Websites with rarely-updated, static content leave little reason for visitors to return. Visitors need to have a reason to come back to your site. They want information that’s relevant to them, speaks in their terms – and is updated on a regular basis.

At the same time internet search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! love to find new, original content. They reward websites whose pages are updated regularly by placing them higher in search results pages.

That means that your business can appear more often (and nearer to the top) of search results pages if you keep adding new, original, exceptional content on a regular basis. However, inappropriate or badly-structured content can work against you.


It’s More Than Just About SEO

Creating content is not just about appeasing the search engines.

There’s no point over-optimizing business marketing content to deliver a high-ranking search result without having content substance and relevance that potential buyers can appreciate.

At the end of the day, Search engines don’t buy your products or services: your customers do. Your content – words, images, sound, video, whatever – needs to be created with your audience in mind, first and foremost.

Your Customers Are Distributed
Across the Web, Digital, and Mobile


Where are your customers online?
What sites do they visit?
What devices do they use?
What apps do they use?
What social media channels do they use?

Even if you’re producing top-notch content, you’re wasting your time if it’s not being delivered to the online spaces that your customers frequent.


Content Isn’t Just Text

Content marketing doesn’t have to be words on a page. It can just as easily mean posting a video onto YouTube as writing a blog article.

Increasingly, web visitors are choosing non-textural content such as audio (i.e. Podcasts), video, slide presentations, infographics and more.

Do you have the necessary internal resources to deliver such multi-channel content across an ever-increasing range of online platforms? Unless you’re a marketing or media production company, then the answer is probably ‘no’!


“But I Don’t Have The Time!”

Creating marketing content on a regular basis requires work. And quite a lot of it.

If you have people within your organization who can spend the time to create high-quality content regularly, then optimize and publicize it, that’s great.

The problem is that most companies don’t have such a luxury.

That’s where we come in.


Let Us Help

We provide high-quality content that helps your customers understand your business value, increases your online reputation – and generates more leads.

We work with you to develop a content creation strategy, selecting the most relevant content type and delivering it to the most appropriate channels.

We monitor your online brand visibility – who’s talking about you, and what they’re saying – to help manage and optimize your online reputation.

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