Now What Do You Do?

Now What Do You Do?

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Now What Do You Do?

Congratulations, you’ve made the sale.

Your customer is happy with their purchase and has paid in full. The product or service that they have bought from you meets or (hopefully) exceeds their expectations. Maybe they’re even happy to recommend you. Well done.

So, what do you do now?

Most organizations understand that, in today’s business environment, regular customer communication is vital for ongoing visibility, helping them remember you rather than your competition. However, many companies, while aware that they should keep in touch with their customers after that initial transaction, don’t know how or what to say to them. They end up sticking the customer name into the company’s standard database, to be blasted with promotional info no different to what a prospective customer receives.

Then they wonder why their existing customers are no longer buying from them.

Customers that have bought from you don’t need to drink the KoolAid. They don’t need sales pitches, aggressive advertising or discounted offers. Just as you’ve become a known quantity to them, they should be one to you.

Structure your “existing customer” communication differently from your “prospective customer” messaging. Communicate to your existing customers with information and messaging that adds value to them, not you. Think of it as the selfless sharing of information that you – truly – feel would benefit them. If you hear about a sale at an office stationary suppliers, let your business customers know. If a new crèche has opened in your neighborhood, drop a quick circular to your family-orientated customers.

Why? Because you’re differentiating yourself from everyone else. Because you’re grateful for your customer’s business, and you want them to know it. Because you genuinely care about your customer.

You do, don’t you?

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