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Why do so many organizations make their business value messaging so incomprehensible to the very audience that they’re trying to attract?

Large or small, global or local, companies continue to fill their websites, presentations and other collateral with text that probably impresses their boss, or their peers, but fails to resonate with customers.

All this MBA Newbie talk of “zero-sum-based processes”, “robust metrics” and “value-added infomediaries” may well make you think that your company is bigger and cooler than it actually is. However, the fact is that prospective customers mentally switch-off from such language faster than you can say “Business Prevention Officer.”

Study after study shows that people prefer simplicity. Less really is more. Yet it seems that companies continue to try to outdo each other by seeing how many five-syllable words they can shoehorn into a seven-line sentence.

Keep it short. Keep it sharp. Keep it Fisher Price simple. Don’t try to say too much, and whatever you do say should be communicated using your customer’s vocabulary – not your own.

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