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One of us - usually Gee (he loves a chat) - will get in touch to arrange a call. We're happy to organize calls around your schedule. Early morning? Late evening? No problem.

The aim is to learn about you and your business. Your goals, your aspirations, what you'd love to do but can't for whatever reason, and what you feel isn't working.

Since we're talking about a potential partnership we need to know how much time YOU can devote to making this work, or whether you'd prefer that we handled everything - under your ultimate approval, of course.

Finally, we need to know your budget.

We'll advise you on where we think you should focus your marketing activities - where and what to improve.

We'll go through your website and advise on how to improve design and content to increase conversions. We'll also let you know what you SHOULD be doing that you're NOT doing.

How much will this call cost you? Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zero. Really? Yes, really.

We'll then give you a proposal of how we see us working together. Rest assured that there's no hard sell. You can walk away whenever you want, and we'll never bother you again. Cross our hearts.