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What Do You Do For An Encore?

Gee Ranasinha Communications 2 Comments

SEO is all well and good, but all that does is get someone to your site that first time.

When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, they need to find something that’s sufficiently engaging for them to bother to read what’s there. However, what’s just as important (and maybe even more important) is giving your visitors a reason to come back.

Because if the first-time visitors to your website don’t come back again, then you need to have some sort of plan where you achieve a constant flow of first-time visitors.

The problem with people who visit your website for the first time is that, depending on your business, it’s unlikely that you’ll get much from them. First-timers rarely sign-up for your newsletter, or contact you for more information, because they don’t know you. You haven’t had the chance thus far to win over their confidence, trust or respect.

Generally-speaking, customers become customers because they have been back to your site many times before they ever decided to buy anything from you. They know your site, the layout, where the interesting (and not-so-interesting) content is. They have spent time digesting the content, and grew to trust your business value communication before they were happy to give you their contact details or credit-card number.

Unless you’re in a commoditized industry, you need to get your visitors to keep coming back. And while I’ll be the first to admit that there are many exceptions to this rule, I’m betting that your business – and your industry – isn’t one of them.

What do you have that’ll keep them coming back for more?

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After founding a successful media production firm, Gee became worldwide director of marketing for a European software company. As well as CEO of KEXINO he's an author, lecturer, husband, and father; and one hell of a nice bloke. He lives in a world of his own in Strasbourg, France, tolerated by his wife and young son. Find out more about Gee at https://kexino.com/gee-ranasinha/

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  1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

    Hey Gee.  Whoa, you got me there. I thought your post was unfinished. LOL. I really thought that you’re going to give us some tips on how to go about that. So in this case, I’ll ask, how do you do that? thanks

    1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

      Hi Cathy,

      How to get your visitors to come back? Give them content that’s so useful to them that they want to come back. Here are a few ideas:

      – Understand their business. Understand how your customers do their business and how your product or service will affect their customers’ business. Then blog about it. Create a short video about it. Write a white paper / eBook about it and offer it to them as a free download from your site. 

      – How about producing regular studies or surveys to get the pulse of the industry or its clients and publish the results on your website?

      – Maybe a monthly “state of the industry” newsletter highlighting what is going in the industry and how it is affecting your customers and (especially for B2B sales) their customers.

      – “How To” webinars targeting key industry challenges and how to solve them.- A resource page on your website filled with (regularly updated) useful industry information and resources; videos, eBooks, white-papers, links, book recommendations, webinars, podcasts etc. 

      Establish your site as the go-to place to learn more about what is going in the industry with the products or services you sell – as well as about the business challenges your company solves.

      What do you think?

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