The Process Of Translating Content Hasn’t Changed Much In 15 Years.
Until now.


The Content Translation Workflow Is Broken

Today's global environment can bring a wealth of commercial opportunities. But whether you call it Translation, Localization or Transcreation, the process of recreating content into other languages can be a real pain.
Back and forth with translators and content approvers, before spending hours reworking the newly-translated content into artwork files, apps, or digital content systems - with all the associated layout problems.
What's needed is an easy-to-use system to track and manage all aspects of content localization from a single interface, offering rapid iteration and creation of new language content in the right file format.
Digital content translation services

A Better, More Efficient Way To Translate Digital Content

Our QARTO translation system saves you time and money on translation projects by combining a centralized, easy-to-use communications portal with a powerful layout publishing engine for the worlds most popular tools such as Microsoft® Office®, QuarkXPress® and Adobe® InDesign.®

It significantly reduces per-page translation costs, improves communication and reduces production time. You don’t even have to change your current translation suppliers.

More than anything else, QARTO gives you CONTROL. You are not forced into having to work in a certain way, or in using a particular translator or agency. You are free to create whatever supplier relationships that you choose.

The easy-to-use web interface centralizes and manages all your translation production tasks. Users can submit, translate, track, correct and approve content instantly. From anywhere, at any time.

Whatever your digital content translation requirements, QARTO saves time, reduces translation costs, and increases productivity.

No Artworking Required

No need for designers to integrate translated text into layouts. QARTO works natively with Microsoft® Office®, QuarkXPress® and Adobe® InDesign.®

Reduced Translation Costs

“Translation Memory” remembers previously-translated content, for easy reuse.

Systems Integration

Integrates with your existing brand management, digital asset management, or marketing automation systems.


We created QARTO for marketing companies to be able to localize digital content faster, more easily, and more cost-effectively. However QARTO is perfect for any organization looking to translate documents or artwork into other languages.

Of course there is the aspect of being able to reduce your company’s translation and artwork-creation costs – by as much as 80%, in the case of one of our users – but we see it as more than that.

Today, managing a brand’s perception is as much about the choice of words and phrases in a foreign language as it is with a logo, corporate color, or a product tagline. QARTO allows brands to handle language in the same way as any other asset, rationalizing both internal and external communications from a global perspective.


Document and Artwork Localization
Brochures, catalogs, magazines, eBooks, print and web advertising, manuals, technical documentation, publications, reports, presentations, etc.

Website / App Translations
Direct ingestion and output of HTML5 or XML.

Video Games
Documentation, packaging artwork, game content.

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