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Today’s Game Is About Changing The Game

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game of chessYesterday, the game was simply about making something that someone else would pay to have. If your product or service wasn’t great, wasn’t the best, it didn’t really matter. There was enough of the cake to go around so that everyone got a taste of it.

Today, the game is about changing the game. The rules, as they say, are there to be broken. Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that you can’t come along and change it.

Take a look at your own industry. Supposing the established business model for your industry was turned on its head. What would happen if your competitor came along and changed the rules? What if, for example, the thing that your customers pay for today was available for free, and the revenue for your product/service was made in another way?

Most companies are unwilling to look at how they could change the game, since they’re spending all their time trying to get better at the way the game is played today.

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