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Small Business Marketing
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Founded in 2008, we are a small business marketing agency helping you deliver creative ways to market your business. A dynamic team of creatives comprised of marketing, branding, design, web development, video production, communications specialists and business development professionals.

We provide creative and affordable marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media, design, lead generation, and communications requirements. The important word in that last sentence is "partner." We work with you, not for you.

We are headquartered in North-Eastern France, with our 19 associates located across nine countries in order to best serve a client base that stretches throughout North America, Europe and Australia.


KEXINO: At A Glance



We've worked with around 400 startups and small businesses over the past 14 years.



Size does matter. Being small means we all work on your account, to assure you of our best work.



Our HQ is in France, while our associates are based in 9 countries around the world.



80% of our clients are based in the USA. Even though we're in Europe? Yeah, go figure...

How much does a marketing agency charge?


Our Mission

Creative • Insightful • Affordable

Our mission is simple: To make you look good. Really good.

KEXINO was founded on the premise that companies of all sizes - and budgets - should be able to access the latest and greatest ideas and technologies for marketing, communications, and sales.

You know all those digital marketing initiatives that you'd love to do, but cannot because you don't have the expertise, the resources, or the budget? That's where we come in.

Every company has a story to tell. A reason as to why they're in business. As a marketing agency we love taking your story and delivering it to where your customers are.

great marketing agencies solve business problems


solves marketing problems

Great marketing agencies

solve business problems

What Makes Us Different?

Of course there are other companies saying similar things. It's only natural to ask why should you work with us rather than someone else.

We're different because we don't blind ourselves into thinking we have all the answers. We're about complementing you, not taking over.

We get that what works for Jill, probably won't work for John. That every company is unique, and needs (if not deserves) a dedicated marketing program that allows that uniqueness to shine. We're about developing initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that reinforce what your sales and marketing people are already saying and doing.

Elevating strategy through planned, measured, cost-effective tactical execution. We become an integral part of your organization - part of your company DNA.

We understand the fact no-one knows your business better than you do and that, sometimes, it can be difficult having an outsider come into your company with a view to changing things.

Gee Ranasinha Marketing quote

"KEXINO's goal is to help companies of all sizes raise the quality, efficiency and productivity of their marketing and communications.

Our team is here to help you market, grow, and develop your business - but without the cost overhead that top talent usually demands."

Gee Ranasinha
KEXINO Founder / CEO
Marketing agency ROI

An ROI-Driven Marketing Agency

( Yes, such agencies do exist )

It may seem like it's stating the obvious, but we believe any marketing services provider needs to be focused on the commercial aspects of their clients' business.

Looking at the way some marketing agencies work, you could be forgiven for thinking marketing is all about making "pretty pictures."

Some agencies seem to put tactics in front of business results. They know more about VR than they do about EBITDA.

We think that's a problem. Any marketing initiative has to show a Return On Investment. No ROI means stuff that may look great, but doesn't make a positive contribution to the bottom line. That's a waste of our time - and your money.

It's not 'marketing' unless it creates sales.

Our 3 Rules

Before accepting any new client, we have three rules that need to be satisfied by every one of us:

Rule #1

If we can't become as enthusiastic about your business as you are, we won't accept you as a client.
We need to be emotionally invested in your business in order to give you our best work.

Rule #2

If we feel we can't make a meaningful difference over what you're already doing, we won't accept you as a client.
We don't waste our own money - so we won't waste yours.

Rule #3

If we feel we would be too much of a drain on your finances, we won't accept you as a client.
Worrying about how much you're paying us means you're not concentrating on your business.

Why do we insist on this?

Because we believe it's the right thing to do - for you, as well as for us. We turn down around 15 inquiries a month based upon our Three Rules.

On top of this, we won't promise you more sales. Not only will you never catch us making such promises, but we think any marketing company making such claims is lying to you.

If at the end of the day your business / product / service sucks, that's not our problem (and the reason why we have to be on board with your value proposition - see Rule #1, above).

What we will promise you is our dedication and commitment to delivering services that build visibility, awareness, and trust for your business.

You're not hiring us. You're casting us.

Just like in the movie industry, you're not hiring us - you're casting us.

What's the difference?

When you hire someone, you're expecting them to fill a pre-defined need. A need that could be filled by any number of qualified people.

In contrast, when you're casting somebody, you've decided their skillsets and aptitude will ensure a great result for everyone involved. You want them to do what they do best - the thing only they can do.

Sure, casting involves a greater element of trust. But it also has a much better likelihood of delivering amazing work that stands out from the crowd.

marketing for the love of it coffee with heart

Why Do We Do It?

To pay the bills? Sure, that's part of the reason. But there's more to it than that.

The truth is that we'd do it for free if we could. Actually, in the past we HAVE done it for free.

Nothing pleases us more than making a difference. We love keeping up-to-date with how commerce is constantly redefining itself via enabling technologies such as the internet and cellular communications.

We love to see where new projects take us and enjoy trying new things while using the techniques of our pasts.

To put it simply: We live and breathe this stuff.
Lara Amoroso, Bambooloo

Lara Amoroso


"From brand development, to logo design, to the launch of the website and everything else in between, I have been awed by the KEXINO team’s talent and ability to deliver exactly what I need – and then some.”



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