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Keeping Your Fans Happy With New Content

Saying the same as everyone else, just to post something out there, is a surefire way to irrelevance.
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Stop Selling

There’s one common trait that the best sales and marketing people all seem to possess: Passion.
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Start With “Employee Service” and “Customer Service” Will Follow

Your employees are your first-line brand ambassadors. Treat them well.
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Business Designs On Commerce

How you present something is at least as important as what you present.
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Your Company Isn’t Perfect

Every business screws up. The difference between the good ones and the bad ones is how the screw-up is handled.
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Customers Are Lazy

Regardless of the size of your company, customers are expecting it to be as easy to do business with you as with some of the biggest companies in the world.
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Taking The Initiative

Maybe your customers aren’t asking you about something because they’re getting answers from someone else.
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The Right Person For The Job

Your in-house marketer is great at social media, but their web chops aren’t all that? That’s perfectly normal.
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New Thinking For A New Decade

If you’re marketing this decade like you marketed the last decade, you will most likely be disappointed with your results.
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Do the Right Thing: Fire Your Worst Customers

Not all customers are worthy of your time.
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Has The Term “Outsourcing” Become Obsolete?

Business process outsourcing hasn’t just changed the way companies of all sizes operate and deliver their business value. Its presence can be felt in pretty much every level and department.
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The Thrill Of The (Sales) Chase: But Don’t Forget Existing Customers

Selling to new customers is great. But selling to existing customers is easier and cheaper.
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Now What Do You Do?

Know your market. Existing customers need different collateral to new ones.
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Why Should Customers Choose You?

Customers choose to buy from you for many reasons. Your product is just one of them.
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How Do Your Customers Find You?

Customers find your business in a variety of ways, via numerous channels. It’s important to be where they expect to find you – as well as not in places where you’re not welcome.
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Non-Optional Extras: Hiding The True Cost From Your Customers

When you have the gall to charge an extra $500 delivery on a $30,000 automobile purchase, the only thing the customer remembers is the insult of having to pay the hidden extra.
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Taking it Personally With Printed Cards

If you’re sending holiday cards out by email, you’re totally missing the point.
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