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Start With “Employee Service” and “Customer Service” Will Follow

Gee RanasinhaCustomer Service, Marketing, Sales

bell pushThere’s an interesting article on The Harvard Business Review about how management at Ritz-Carlton hotels look at their employees.

We all expect a certain level of customer service when staying at all but the most modest of hotels.

As a result, you would think that it would be difficult to excel at service if you’re in an industry that’s all about customer experience.

Time after time, year after year, Ritz Carlton are one of the few companies that “get it.”

Just about any company you care to mention will talk about how much they value the importance of customer service. However, there are precious few that talk about how they value their employees in the same way. Here’s just one example:

“Every employee of every Ritz hotel has the right to spend up to $2,000 a day per guest to resolve any problem that arises. It’s a powerful expression of trust in employees, as well as a gift of empowerment and autonomy. It’s also vastly better for guests. How many times have you been told over the years, “I’ll have to go to my manager about that”?

For too long and for too often businesses have underestimated their most valuable asset: their employees.

Creating a corporate culture where everyone feels their worth, embraces the company’s values and has a genuine, proactive commitment and passion to improving the entire experience (for customers and colleagues alike) isn’t easy.

But then if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Right?

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