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Time To Outsource Your Marketing?

Gee Ranasinha Business 2 Comments

An interesting overview over at Channel Champion about the current global economic climate being the right time for businesses to consider outsourcing their marketing.

Many people assume that outsourcing business processes such as marketing are only for medium to large-scale organizations: Not so. The same reasons that big companies outsource apply just as well to small businesses. Even one-person businesses.

There’s a section on the KEXINO website about why organizations should consider outsourcing, but basically what we’re talking about is the ability for your company to have access to additional competence resources on a needs basis.

You’re still driving the initiatives, it’s just that someone else is behind the wheel.

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    Completely agree with you on the value of outsourcing – it’s going to be the topic of my weekly column – based on an outsourcing deal we completed this week.

    The advice I always give to small/home business owners is ‘do what you do best and outsource the rest’

    Hope you secure many outsourced marketing contracts this year!

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