GDPR implication for marketers

Why The GDPR Will Improve Your Marketing

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The European Union’s GDPR legislation provides perhaps the single biggest opportunity for businesses of all sizes (and locations) to improve their marketing performance.

listening to bad marketing advice

Most Business Marketing Advice is Wrong

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Most advice from so-called marketing gurus aren’t worth the blogs they’re written on. That’s because most of them have little basis in reality and are merely regurgitations of everyone else’s marketing articles with the same hopeless and ineffective ideas.

big business mentality is slow and cumbersome

Growing A Business: When Bigger Isn’t Better

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The problem with building widgets faster and more cheaply is that you’re assuming the demand for those widgets will never wane – but that day will surely come. Today the innovation opportunity lies in the ability to address more transient customer needs.


Even The Best Salesperson Can’t Save a Poor Product

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Today – more than ever – you better make sure that your product delivers on its promise. In today’s connected-customer environment where product information is so freely available, the sales division can no longer cover-up product weaknesses in the same way that it used to.

Business Change to maintain relevance

Business Change Is Inevitable

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If you’re not happy with the way things are going, what fundamental, radical, extra-ordinary changes are you prepared to make to your business to change things?