KEXINO CEO Gee Ranasinha

Gee Ranasinha

Hi, I'm Gee Ranasinha.

I am Founder / CEO of KEXINO and the author of the small business marketing blog Business Value Matters.


My background is in communication and content creation: I founded and ran a successful media production company (advertising photography and TV commercials, mainly) before getting involved in professional image capture systems from companies such as Sinar, Leaf, PhaseOne and Dicomed in the days when professional-quality digital photography was in its infancy.

I then moved into the print and publishing industries. For seven years I was Worldwide Director of Marketing for a software company based in Germany. Clients ranged from printing companies, publishers, in-house corporate marketing departments, and government organizations on the one hand; all the way up to globally-recognized brands such as Marvel, IKEA, Nestlé and WPP.

For the past sixteen years I've been heading-up the KEXINO team, an amazing group of 19 talented individuals located across 9 countries.

I was born, raised, and educated in London, UK. Today the place I call home is Strasbourg, North-Eastern France.


I run KEXINO, a different sort of marketing services company helping small-to-medium sized companies and startups produce better, more effective marketing. Read this to learn more about why we think we're different.

I've been writing marketing articles and opinion pieces in print and on the web since 1991 - at a time when the word "blog" didn't even exist.

Our award-winning marketing blog Business Value Matters is about making smaller businesses aware of the new rules of marketing, communications, sales, and customer engagement. It's about how technology and behavioral psychology have become facilitators for businesses of every size to grow their reputation and trust in the minds of their customers.

While KEXINO keeps me very busy, I also lecture to final-year MBA students as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at two prominent business schools. It's hard work (especially setting and marking exam papers) but so personally rewarding. I absolutely love it.

Outside of work, between trying to be the best husband and father I can, I'm a bit of a music and hi-fi nut. My iTunes folder is close to 2Tb in size, and I have around 300 Spotify playlists.

Other hobbies? I love to cook (French and Asian/Fusion, mainly) and play the piano (mostly jazz, blues, and boogie-woogie) when I have the time. Even though I'm not very accomplished at either of them, it doesn't seem to stop me.

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Keynote, Podcast, and Event Speaker

Looking for an engaging, passionate, knowledgeable (and humorous) marketing speaker for your next conference, meeting, or workshop?

I've spoken at many sales events, awards dinners, TEDx events, user group meetings, and conferences. As well as a range of marketing topics, I speak about bridging the business gap between online and the real world.

Thoughts, opinions, and observations in this age of disruption and interruption - totally customized for your audience.

A recent testimonial: "Gee's ability to capture a room during his presentations is fantastic."

Get in touch if you'd like me to speak at your next event, or book me as your podcast guest.

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