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Below are some examples of recent client work. We’d like to show you many more examples to give you a better idea of what we’ve done for companies just like you. Unfortunately, some of the work that we’re most proud of we’re not allowed to show.

Clients can be a funny bunch. Some don’t want you to know that we’re working with them. It’s as though by letting you see what they’re doing will somehow adversely affect their business. While we don’t agree, we have to respect their wishes.
Our work is only the result of understanding our clients’ business – where they’re going, their plans and goals – and developing tactics to suit. What works for Jane rarely works for John. Some of our clients get that, though others are more cautious.

Click on one (or more) to see some samples of our work:


Brand development, value messaging, corporate ID, brand guidelines…


Brochures, exhibition graphics, sales sheets, email newsletters…


Website and print design, infographics, advertising, direct mail…


Intro stings, infomercials, presentations, motion graphics…


7th Degree Consulting

This finance and tax advisory organization contacted us for logo design, brand guidelines and associated collateral (business cards, letterheads, PowerPoint templates, web design, and various promotional materials).

Their clients are in the technology, broadcast and telco industries, so they wanted something that wasn’t too ‘stuffy’. At the same time they didn’t want anything that could be considered too ‘out there’, that may scare off more conservative clients.

We spent time interviewing their personnel, partners, and even some of their clients to get a feeling for the organization. Color palettes and use cases were determined early in the process to ensure that the logo fitted all possible applications. Obviously, it’s vital that the logo can be clearly identified regardless of how large or small it’s reproduced, and against many background colors.

Here are just some of the logo options we produced for their consideration.
In case you’re wondering, the client chose the version on the bottom right.

logo design evolution

Kwan Factory

The client wanted a logo, color palette, and brand guidelines that conveyed a communal, friendly, advisory/partnership feeling. Almost like a family.

branding design services

The Vendôm Company

This management consultancy for the luxury hotel industry wanted a brand that conveyed old-world opulence. We brought in some Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements and had some fun with embellishments, typography and signage.

Here are a few of the 20+ proposed logo treatments we produced.
The client went for the option on the left.

branding project evolution


London Graphic Systems

This systems integration company contacted us for a new website, collateral, events management, content strategy development, email and social media marketing and public relations – Phew!

Here’s a small selection of what we produced for them.

Hover over the items in the image for more information


DQ Technologies

This Austin TX based software developer was looking to improve the look and communication of their product brochures, case studies, and PowerPoint presentations.

We conducted a number of interviews to understand their customer base, goals, and likes/dislikes. We then did some competitor research to see what the other guys were doing.

We then created a unique corporate design style, including color palette and typography. We produced product sales sheets, sales presentations, and user case studies.

Here are a few samples of various sales and marketing collateral we produced.



Here is just a small selection of the 50+ websites we’ve designed over the past years – including this one, of course!

We do more than just web and graphic design, custom illustration, SEO, and internationalization. We advise on UX and UI best practices, conversion rate optimization, site hosting and migration. We also offer custom website and web application/services development.

Our website design services don’t stop at simply creating a nice-looking, search-optimized site.

Site Content & Structure

We provide advice and assistance with the production of effective web copywriting and content creation. We help you create the optimum page structure and sitemap architecture for both visitors and search engines.

Latest Web Technologies

Website technologies and best practices continue to evolve. We can implement the latest site enhancements, such as structured data markup or Accelerated Mobile Pages, to give your site the edge over your competitors.

Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Simply turning up is no longer enough. Effective tradeshow participation is no longer a case of if we build it they will come. Attendee expectations have changed. Today, there’s much more to it if you’re to optimize your tradeshow ROI.

We design your tradeshow presence, develop pre-show and post-show marketing campaigns, help with logistics, organization, booth presentations, lead generation, follow-up, media relations, press conferences, and more.

exhibition graphics production


We’ve been producing intro “stings” for videos for over 5 years. They’re a great client, who allow us immense creative freedom.

Here’s a short compilation of some favorites.

LGS, a UK-based systems integration company, wanted a promotional “eye-catcher” video to play on an enormous TV monitor at their tradeshow booth.

Here’s what we came up with for them.


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