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Below are some examples of recent client work. We’d like to show you many more examples to give you a better idea of what we’ve done for companies just like you. Unfortunately, some of the work that we’re most proud of we’re not allowed to show.

Clients can be a funny bunch. Some don’t want you to know that we’re working with them. It’s as though by letting you see what they’re doing will somehow adversely affect their business. While we don’t agree, we have to respect their wishes.
Our work is only the result of understanding our clients’ business – where they’re going, their plans and goals – and developing tactics to suit. What works for Jane rarely works for John. Some of our clients get that, though others are more cautious.

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Brand development, value messaging, corporate ID, brand guidelines…


Brochures, exhibition graphics, sales sheets, email newsletters…


Website and print design, infographics, advertising, direct mail…


Intro stings, infomercials, presentations, motion graphics…




BAMBOOLOO is an online retailer of luxury, environmentally-sustainable toilet paper. They came to us looking for help in building a strong and differentiated brand, supporting collateral, and webstore.

Our first task was to review their existing position – sales and marketing collateral, corporate ID, and so forth. We felt the company’s logo, created by one of those “$99 logo creation” sites, had a number of issues.

We felt the logo was visually too complex. The icon and wordmark featured subtle color gradients and intricate detail. When printed at a large size you could get that it was an illustration of some bamboo branches. But when the logo was reproduced at smaller sizes (such as on a website, brochure, or business card) the meaning was lost.

What was needed was a logo and supporting assets that were more visually-arresting. Also, something that could form the basis of a visual communication ‘language’ that was clearly aligned to the company, its values, and its brand promise.

old bambooloo logoBambooloo’s old logo


At its most fundamental level, a company’s brand is the narrative that describes it, and the reason that it exists at all.

It’s about being brave enough to say “This is who we are, this is why we exist, and this is why we do the things we do.” Unless you’re prepared to do that, you’re going to be ignored.

The building of a brand should begin from the very outset of the creation of the company – before tangibles such as logos, corporate IDs, and suchlike. Brand building is essentially a reflection of the way the company is run, and the values the company is run with.

Over the course of a number of stakeholder interviews, we crafted a branding guidelines environment that takes the basic brand narrative and codifies it into a set of beliefs and decision-making framework.

Once you know who you are, you have a better handle on communicating who you’re not.

branding guidelines framework document example


We spent a long time learning more about the company. Not just what it was selling, but the reasons why the company was created in the first place. Its purpose, values, and aspirations. The condition it wants to leave the world around it.

We then researched the market and the competition. It was crucial that the BAMBOOLOO brand had a clear and distinct brand image and value promise that was seen to be different, and ‘stood out’ from other businesses selling into this market space.

We floated a few different visual directions to the client, settling on a visual treatment with an earthy, indigenous feel. We extended the basic visual premise created by the logo and wordmark to create iconography that could be used for various other supporting roles – such as packaging, point-of-sale, and online communication.

brand iconography design example product packaging design for small businesses


To help launch the BAMBOOLOO brand and more effectively communicate the values it stands for, we decided to create a short “mood film”.

A mood film – also sometimes called a mood reel – isn’t an ad to help sell a product or service. Instead, it’s a way to help convey message, feeling, and sensibility.

Maybe you’re familiar with a mood board? Well, a mood film is very similar.


Once we’d created the logo, product packaging, sales collateral, and associated visual assets, we set about designing the website.

For reasons of both expediency and budget, we advised the client to host the site on Shopify.

The Shopify platform allows the creation of an eCommerce website, with all this implies (inventory management, secure online payments, etc.) quickly and cost effectively. The main downside is that, creatively, there are some restrictions in terms of design.

Working with the client we art-directed the photography, developed copywriting and imagery, and SEO-optimized each page according to previously-conducted research into competitive sites, search term popularity, and keyword use for both organic and ad-driven terms.

Shopify website development services


This finance and tax advisory organization contacted us for logo design, brand guidelines and associated collateral (business cards, letterheads, PowerPoint templates, web design, and various promotional materials).

Their clients are in the technology, broadcast, and telco industries, so they wanted something that wasn’t too ‘stuffy’. At the same time they didn’t want anything too ‘radical’ that may scare off more conservative clients.

We spent time interviewing their personnel, partners, and even some of their clients to get a feeling for the organization. Color palettes and use cases were determined early in the process to ensure that the logo fitted all possible applications. Obviously, it’s vital that the logo can be clearly identified regardless of how large or small it’s reproduced, and against many background colors.

Here are just some of the logo options we produced for their consideration.
( In case you’re wondering, the client chose the version on the bottom right. )

logo design evolution


This online marketplace and marketing platform for the technology sector came to us for help in developing brand language, positioning, visual assets, and website.

Here are some highlights of the work we created for their updated logo and visual communications, together with associated brand usage guidelines documentation.

  • corporate logo usage guidelines
  • logo color reference document
  • logo visualization and documentation
  • branding visualization
  • corporate visual language development


The client wanted to convey a communal, friendly, advisory/partnership feeling. Almost like a family.

As well as the logo we developed a color palette and corporate brand guidelines to help ensure their communication and collateral stays on-point.



This systems integration company contacted us for a new website, collateral, events management, content strategy development, email and social media marketing and public relations – Phew!

Here’s a small selection of what we produced for them.

Hover over the items in the image for more information



This Austin TX based software developer was looking to improve the look and communication of their product brochures, case studies, and PowerPoint presentations.

We conducted a number of interviews to understand their customer base, goals, and likes/dislikes. We then did some competitor research to see what the other guys were doing.

We then created a unique corporate design style, including color palette and typography. We produced product sales sheets, sales presentations, and user case studies.

Here are a few samples of various sales and marketing collateral we produced.



Here is just a small selection of the 70+ websites we’ve designed over the years – including this one, of course!

We do more than just web and graphic design, custom illustration, SEO, and internationalization. We advise on UX and UI best practices, conversion rate optimization, site hosting, and migration. We also offer custom website and web application/services development for things like custom databases, chatbots, or customer web portals.

Our website design services don’t stop at simply creating a nice-looking, search-optimized site.

Site Content & Structure

We provide advice and assistance with the production of effective web copywriting and content creation. We help you create the optimum page structure and sitemap architecture for both visitors and search engines.

Latest Web Technologies

Website technologies and best practices continue to evolve. We can implement the latest site enhancements, such as structured data markup or Accelerated Mobile Pages, to give your site the edge over your competitors.

Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Simply turning up is no longer enough. Effective tradeshow participation is no longer a case of if we build it they will come. Attendee expectations have changed. Today, there’s much more to it if you’re to optimize your tradeshow ROI.

We design your tradeshow presence, develop pre-show and post-show marketing campaigns, help with logistics, organization, booth presentations, lead generation, follow-up, media relations, press conferences, and more.

exhibition graphics production


We’ve been producing intro “stings” for videos for over 5 years. They’re a great client, who allow us immense creative freedom.

Here’s a short compilation of some favorites.

LGS, a UK-based systems integration company, wanted a promotional “eye-catcher” video to play on an enormous TV monitor at their tradeshow booth.

Here’s what we came up with for them.


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