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How believable are you?

How many unfounded claims, over-reaching superlatives and “change the world” rhetoric infests your corporate messaging and business value communication?

You know the sort of thing that I mean:

  • “We are the global leader in….”
  • “we produce the best {whatever} in the world”
  • “…changing the way that you work forever.”

Do you really think that, in this day and age, that anyone out there believes this sort of thing?

You’re Not The Best – And Your Customers Know It

Back in the day, pretty much every company was guilty of making such outlandish and unsubstantiated boasts. Buyers didn’t believe it then, any more than they believe it now.

Larger-than-life claims no longer command a customer’s attention – they’ve become desensitized to such hyperbole. More than that, making outlandish statements – about your company, your product, your staff or your service – actively work against your brand credibility. Today, saying that you’re “the best” places doubt in your customers minds about the validity of your value offering.

You’re not the best in the world. If you were, you wouldn’t need to shout about it.

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Comments 2

  1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

    I couldn’t more agree. Those superlatives aren’t catching any attention from new possible customers anymore.
    Sometimes, when I read a company profile, new product brochure or some weird company-marketing-stuff it feels like those companies are still stuck somewhere in 1990.

    In my opinion, it is best to stay humble, explain the true valors of your product/service so the customers know what they are buying.

    Also not to use useless superlatives, which you pointed out, are completely nonsense and most of the time utter exaggeration.

    Some so-called “Marketing Experts” should either hire a professional like you or go back to school. Or else they are continuing to destroy the public face of their company.

    Great Post,


    1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

      Thanks Frank, much appreciated.

      As you say, the customers of today are smarter, more informed and more empowered than ever before. Today’s company needs to recognise that change and alter their messaging accordingly.


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