all products are now commodities

All Products Have Become Commodities

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

Products, no matter how great they may be, are commodities. How much your brand is liked is the new barometer of how much advocacy it will generate.

business competition

Your Business Competition Isn’t Who You Think It Is

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

You can’t really market successfully to your audience until you understand the choices that they are making, and can see the alternatives from their eyes. The more you try to unearth your “stealth competitors”, the better your marketing will be.

big business mentality is slow and cumbersome

Growing A Business: When Bigger Isn’t Better

Gee RanasinhaBusiness

The problem with building widgets faster and more cheaply is that you’re assuming the demand for those widgets will never wane – but that day will surely come. Today the innovation opportunity lies in the ability to address more transient customer needs.

mobile-friendly website

A Mobile-Friendly Website Now Impacts SEO

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

Having a website that’s optimized for mobile-devices has been growing in importance for some time. With Google’s latest search algorithm changes, it’s become critical.

The Art Of The Start 2.0 Book Cover Image

Review: The Art Of The Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

2004’s “The Art of the Start” ranks as one of the best book around on the subject of startups. Now Guy Kawasaki has updated it. If you are looking to read just one book on start-ups and business development, your journey has ended.

legacy products preventing business growth

Are Legacy Products Hurting Business Growth?

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

Are your organization’s legacy products, features or services still pulling their weight? If you’re not focused on maintaining and growing them, then you should be focused on replacing them.

do your customers believe what you say

Your Customers Don’t Believe Your Marketing

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

There’s an alternative to spewing-out hype and rhetoric. If you choose to tell your story in a way that’s more believable, then you have half a chance of your audience choosing to give you their attention.

iBeacons are the next qr codes

iBeacons In Your Marketing: This year’s QR Codes?

Gee RanasinhaMarketing

Mobile marketing is the same as any other marketing: Give an irresistible and compelling reason for your audience to allow you to contact them and they’ll come – whether it’s iBeacons, QR codes or whatever else is around the corner.