which page is your site's homepage?

Which Page Is Your Website’s Homepage?

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You don’t get to decide on which page your visitors join your website – search engines do. Every page on your website needs to be strong enough to stand on its own, as much as being part of a wider, integrated brand experience.

How Safe Is Cloud Computing

How Safe Is Cloud Computing? As Safe As Air Travel

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Today it seems that everyone’s talking about computing in “The Cloud.” The concept is simple: Rather than buy a load of hardware and/or software and have it all sitting in your offices waiting to go wrong, blow up or become obsolete, you work and store your files with an online service that handles all that icky technical stuff for you. Our own Qarto translation management portal is an example of a cloud-based system – also known as Software As A Service which, of course, inevitably gets abbreviated to “SaaS.”  Other examples are email systems such as Google Mail and Hotmail, online storage services such as Dropbox and Box, or office applications such as SugarCRM or Zoho. Even Microsoft have jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon, which isn’t such as surprise since cloud-based services generated over $68 billion last year and is forecast to hit around $150 billion by 2014. However, just lately cloud-based services have been taking a bit of a beating. Sony’s PlayStation Network got hacked and was offline for the best part of six weeks. On April 21st Amazon’s EC2 cloud-based platform fell over which, since many tech sites use EC2, had the knock-on effect of taking down services …

appointing the correct person

The Right Person For The Job

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A graphic designer is not a marketing person. A communications person is not a marketing person. A marketing person is a marketing person. Graphic design, marketing, and communications are three totally different disciplines. However, far too often the job descriptions are exchanged and intermixed. If you want your collateral presented in a way that’s appealing to your target audience, employ a graphic designer. If you want well-written prose, research, client liaison, perhaps some project management, then take on a communications person. If you’re looking for help articulating your organization’s strategy and business value; looking for the most appropriate ways to deliver your message, develop content strategies, brand differentiation, social media, advertising and/or PR campaigns… Well, you get the idea. Image courtesy of KEXINO The Right Person For The Job was last modified: August 1st, 2013 by Gee Ranasinha

Blending Into The Crowd

Blending Into The Crowd

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“CHEAPEST FLIGHTS!” “THE LOWEST HOTEL ROOM RATES!” “WE COMPARE, SO YOU DON’T NEED TO.” Price comparison websites are all the rage. From airline flights, to car insurance, to getting the best on your savings, there’s sure to be a website that aggregates the prices of various products and services to allowing you to compare them. But is it a fair comparison? The problem with price comparison websites is that they reduce your business value offering to a commodity. Comparing your product purely on price and features ignores all the value differentiation that you’re trying to get across. Your marketing, positioning, branding and uniqueness is stripped away. Comparison websites aim to anonymize you, while you’re doing everything you can possibly do to stand out. Image Credit Blending Into The Crowd was last modified: August 1st, 2013 by Gee Ranasinha

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

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A great point, well executed, about how the advertising business needs to evolve and change their methods to reflect the change in consumer habits. But the point that the video makes can be extrapolated to your industry, too. Are you ignoring the signs of change that are all around you, instead clinging-on to the things that you know? The Last Advertising Agency On Earth was last modified: April 26th, 2017 by Gee Ranasinha

fire your worst customers

Do the Right Thing: Fire Your Worst Customers

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I fired a customer today. The project wasn’t particularly well-paid, or creatively stimulating. But that’s not why I fired the client. In fact, the project was for a pretty large organization that may have paved the way for more lucrative work further down the road. So, why did I fire the client? Here’s the story: The business owner came to us with a problem. We proposed a solution to that problem which everyone around the table agreed would address the company’s issue. However, for reasons I won’t go into here, the client then came back to us a week later asking us to fix the problem another way. We pointed out to them that, while their way would address their problem in the short term, in the long term the problem would still be there. The solution they were proposing was, in essence, a stop-gap. A patch. A workaround. Furthermore, it didn’t make sense financially since the difference in cost between the two solutions was virtually the same, and that sooner or later they’d end up having to implement our proposed solution anyway. They would end up spending almost double what they needed to, for no reason. However the client …

Online Search to find a small business

How Do Your Customers Find You?

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How do you find stuff nowadays? Whether you’re looking for where to buy the best digital camera for under $500, or the best toaster for under $50, where do you look? I’m guessing that, if you’re like me, you’re searching online. According to Nielsen Media, 82% of consumers and small businesses use internet search engines to find out about local companies. Hardly surprising, in today’s digitally-connected world. But the research goes on to say that a mere 44% of small businesses have a website. Most of the companies surveyed directed less than 10% of their marketing budget towards online activities – search engines, optimization, blogs, email marketing and the like. Based upon the types of small business marketing inquiries we receive, there seems to be a endemic feeling that certain businesses don’t need a website. Just this morning, I had a conversation with a small business owner who was reliant on her business Facebook page as the only online property for customer interaction. I asked her why she didn’t feel it necessary for the business to have its own website. She explained that since all her customers were on Facebook, it made more sense to have a Facebook presence than …


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Flash-driven websites, unless constructed well, are rarely the best medium for communication.