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Trying To Out-Google Customers: Why You’ll Lose At Web Search

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At KEXINO we meet with companies and organizations of various sizes who, of course, all have different goals with their business marketing. But regardless of who we meet one thing remains constant: Everyone wants their content to be on the first page of a Google search result. Clearly, that’s not possible. If everyone was on Page 1 there wouldn’t be any other pages, right? Not only that, but Page 1 is going to be a REALLY long page! First-page placing on a search engine is the goal of pretty much every business. Appearing on the first page of a search engine result is the way that most business leaders judge the effectivity of their marketing. SEO Is My BFF Many organizations spend considerable amounts of money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their websites, or using services such as Google AdWords. Now while I’m the first to agree that these things have their place in an online marketing strategy, using such techniques as the ONLY way in getting and maintaining a high search engine ranking is going to fail in the long run. Why? Because you’re not just competing for first page ranking with your competitors. You’re competing with your …

Roger McNamee Presentation

“Google & Microsoft Are History” Video

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I like to think that I’ve watched enough video presentations given by self-proclaimed tech gurus predicting the “Next Big Thing” to be able to smell the bovine excrement from 100 paces. It’s usually the same people that crop-up over and over again, prophesising that “..the way that we do (whatever) is dead!  This new thing that’s coming along is going to sweep everything else away in a blink of an eye!” You know the sort. However, I really can’t argue with the points made in this presentation that I recently found (click on this link if you can’t see it below) from Roger McNamee, MD and one of the founders of venture capital company Elevation Partners. McNamee’s been investing in tech companies for nearly 30 years, including names such as Facebook, Forbes and Yelp, so in my book here’s a guy who probably knows what he’s talking about in terms of the trends taking over the tech world. I urge you to watch the whole video – it’s 52 mins long (the above is only 10 minutes long as don’t allow for embedded content content longer than that). But if you can’t find the time, then here’s the essence …

How Safe Is Cloud Computing

How Safe Is Cloud Computing? As Safe As Air Travel

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Today it seems that everyone’s talking about computing in “The Cloud.” The concept is simple: Rather than buy a load of hardware and/or software and have it all sitting in your offices waiting to go wrong, blow up or become obsolete, you work and store your files with an online service that handles all that icky technical stuff for you. Our own Qarto translation management portal is an example of a cloud-based system – also known as Software As A Service which, of course, inevitably gets abbreviated to “SaaS.”  Other examples are email systems such as Google Mail and Hotmail, online storage services such as Dropbox and Box, or office applications such as SugarCRM or Zoho. Even Microsoft have jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon, which isn’t such as surprise since cloud-based services generated over $68 billion last year and is forecast to hit around $150 billion by 2014. However, just lately cloud-based services have been taking a bit of a beating. Sony’s PlayStation Network got hacked and was offline for the best part of six weeks. On April 21st Amazon’s EC2 cloud-based platform fell over which, since many tech sites use EC2, had the knock-on effect of taking down services …

The Future Of Mobile Video

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Take a look at this info video from wireless technology services provider Qualcomm giving some pretty amazing statistics on the pace of growth for mobile data – that’s accessing internet services using a cellphone, or tablet-type device. For example, they contend that there will be a total of 2.4 billion subscribers of 3G broadband within the next five years. That’s twice the amount of people accessing the internet from a mobile device in 2015, when compared to the span style=”font-style: italic;”total/span number of internet users in the world today. The way that people consume content continues to evolve. How does your website or blog looks on the web browser of a cellphone? Could your business benefit from having an iPhone, Android or Ovi app? (if so, then get in touch with us). The ways in which your customers can reach you is increasing. Make sure that you are where they expect you to be.

Blending Into The Crowd

Blending Into The Crowd

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“CHEAPEST FLIGHTS!” “THE LOWEST HOTEL ROOM RATES!” “WE COMPARE, SO YOU DON’T NEED TO.” Price comparison websites are all the rage. From airline flights, to car insurance, to getting the best on your savings, there’s sure to be a website that aggregates the prices of various products and services to allowing you to compare them. But is it a fair comparison? The problem with price comparison websites is that they reduce your business value offering to a commodity. Comparing your product purely on price and features ignores all the value differentiation that you’re trying to get across. Your marketing, positioning, branding and uniqueness is stripped away. Comparison websites aim to anonymize you, while you’re doing everything you can possibly do to stand out. Image Credit

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Flying Blind: The Importance of website metrics

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Just about every business that needs a website has a website, right? But how many businesses monitor their web presence using website metrics tools? Web analytics tools give you realtime intelligence in how your website is being used. Information such as where your web visitors are geographically located, whether they came to your website directly or from another web link, how long they spent on each page, etc. can easily be mined and filtered. Analytics tools help refine your website’s content. For example, if you know that it takes 30 secs to read a certain page of your website, but it turns out that most users click away from that page after 15 secs, then you’re either boring them with the content, or they’ve decided that what you’re saying is not for them. Web metrics services can also be a lead generation tools, as you can often trace back visitor details to corporate web servers. There are many web analytics services out there, and the best bit is that many of them are free. The KEXINO website uses Google Analytics, but there are many others such as Clicky and Mixpanel. Don’t let your website be a glorified brochure. Get it …

Embrace Video – Before Your Competitors Do

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There’s a great article on The Street about why businesses should look at the forth dimension – time – when planning their marketing mix. Basically, the article outlines that using video is no longer reserved for huge multinationals – small and medium-sized firms can (and should) look at embracing video as another string to their communications bow. Just like glossy brochures, a web presence or a sales presentation; video has a place in your marketing arsenal. A few years ago, using video for presentations, case studies, tradeshow graphics or in websites was a company differentiator. Today, it’s becoming commonplace with companies (such as ours) offering high-quality imagery that leaves a lasting impression. However, the piece warns about cutting corners and trying to do the project yourself. As the author says, just because you can go to the shops and buy the same ingredients it doesn’t follow that you can cook like a Michelin-starred chef. Image courtesy of Sony

DRUPA 2008: The Last “Mega” Tradeshow?

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Most of the last couple of weeks saw KEXINO in the German city of Düsseldorf attending DRUPA, the world’s largest tradeshow for the printing industry. Talking to exhibitors, it’s clear that most had the feeling that attendee numbers were significantly down compared to DRUPA 2004. Of course, the exhibition organisers tell a different story. We’ve been saying this for some time now, but we firmly believe that the writing’s on the wall for the ‘traditional’ tradeshow exhibition format. The truth is that the profile of show attendee has drastically changed over the past few years. Manufacturers no longer need to wait until a tradeshow to launch their new products or services when the web can give them instant exposure to their targetted demographic. Tradeshow visitors are more clued-up on what to see – and what’s not worth seeing – and do their booth visit plans well in advance of ever setting foot in the exhibition centre. In short, most tradeshow organisers provide much less value to both exhibitors and visitors than before, because they’re running the show in the same way that they’ve done for the last thirty years. Unless they radically change the way they organise tradeshows, many manufacturers …