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Increase Sales Leads From Your Website

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Is your website little more than a glorified brochure?

Even worse, are you using pretty much the same text on your website that features in your printed materials?

If your company has a website because you would like to generate sales leads from it, then there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, that few companies can reasonably expect to compete in today’s business world without exploiting internet-based marketing tools. Secondly, that unless you can appeal directly to your target prospects, you run the risk of them visiting your website and not realising how your business offering relates to them.

Increasing Website Sales Leads

The way that the internet is used has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the wealth of information now at hand, prospective customers are more aware, more informed and more demanding of their suppliers than ever before.

The days of painstakingly researching every scrap of information contained in a company website have long gone. In the same way as TV ads have been getting shorter in duration, your website needs to hit HARD, and hit ACCURATELY, since your competitor is just a mouse-click away.

Text used in a sales brochure has a different job to the text on a website. Using the same copy for both is leaving money on the table.

Studies show you have EIGHT SECONDS to build a website visitor relationship before you lose them, maybe forever. If the visitor doesn’t feel they can relate to your company, if they’re overwhelmed, confused, annoyed, frustrated – or just plain bored – then they will leave.

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