friendship is the new partnership in business

Friendship Is The New Partnership

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friendship is the new partnership in business

Why is it that, for many people, we value partnerships in Life far more than we do in Business?

In our personal lives we are grateful to – and for – our significant other. For our kids, our relatives (most of the time…), and our friends.

In business, partnerships are often seen as somehow second-best. Pick up most business journals today and you’re more likely to read about some entrepreneur who made it big, in spite of adversity, and did it on their own. There doesn’t seem to be so many success stories written about partners.

Yet the business world is stuffed full of hugely successful companies run by more than one person. Where would Bill Hewlett have been without Dave Packard? Or Larry Page without Sergey Brin (and, later, Eric Schmidt) ? Even Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak (and Ronald Wayne) in the early days.

Today, every company has partners. Maybe it’s to help with corporate accounting, or cleaning the office, supplying the raw materials to make the product, or the sales channel to sell it.

At KEXINO all our clients are our partners, but I’d go further than that. To me, the word “partnership” implies a two-way relationship. It’s as much about you looking out for me, as it is me looking out for you. In fact, the word “partner” doesn’t go far enough. The word I’m looking for is “friend.”

We don’t have customers – or partners. We have friends that we do business with.

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