Why We Removed Blog Comments

Conversations no longer start - or end - in one place

Blog Commenting Has Evolved

14 years ago, when we first started blogging on this site, the internet was a very different place.

Blog articles were treated differently compared to today. They used to be treated as jump-off points for interested people to discuss, debate, and even argue.

Blogs were seen in a different light.

The blog comments section was a place where conversations could thrive and develop. There wasn't really any other space where such interaction could happen.

We believe those days are gone. As a result we've disabled commenting on our small business marketing blog.

Why We've Removed Commenting

Readers Are Doing It
For Themselves

Some of our readers have larger audiences than we do.

Why on earth would they want to us to host conversations here, when they have their own active audiences on their preferred online spaces?

Social Media Is Where It’s @

Social media has filled the space that blog comments used to occupy.

It stands to reason that readers prefer to share their thoughts and curated content where their network can see it - and that's never going to be here.

& Scammer City

We were on a constant and unending fight dealing with spammers and scammers trying to ply their wares, or manipulate their search engine rankings.

At least 70% of the comments we used to get were spam.

What Can You Do Instead?

Do Your Own Thing

If something on our blog gives you an idea for a comment, blog post, video, or whatever: create your content and link back to our site.

It's better than simply posting a comment. It also helps build a stronger online platform for your own ends.

Contact Us Directly

Like something we've published? Maybe you have an alternative viewpoint? Whatever it may be, we'd encourage you to get in touch with us directly.

You can choose email, or any one of the many social networks where you'll find us. The choice is yours.

Share With Your Audience

Many people use social media channels to share their comments.

Whatever your platform of choice, social is a great outlet to give your thoughts and opinions to a published piece of content, and hopefully ignite an online conversation.