Incorporating video into emails

Email Becomes “Me-Mail”

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A recent study from Forrester Research highlights the use of video within an organization’s email marketing campaign.

The 4-page report says that 71% of adult web visitors will watch online video streams this year. In addition, the number of available video streams is set to double in the next five years. More importantly, the report concludes that using video in your email marketing can increase the likelihood of your intended audience to click on a link to find out more – by two to three times.

Incorporating video into emails has only become possible in the last few years, yet a JupiterResearch/ClickZ survey from last year found that 9% are currently using video within their email marketing strategy, and another 21% plan on including video in the next 12 months.

Integrating video into your sales and marketing messaging, collateral and customer engagement activities is taking on ever-greater importance. Video captivates audience attention far better than text and/or images alone, and also helps differentiate your company.

However, just like any form of direct marketing, video newsletters need to be carefully planned and developed. Just as with text, the video needs to be relevant, entertaining and interesting. The information needs to capture your audience’s attention from the very first second, and maintain that momentum right to the end. Speaking of the end, don’t make it too far away from the beginning! The video should be short, sharp and to the point.

Just because the players have changed, it doesn’t mean that the game is played any differently.

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