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Missing The Point in Sales Copywriting?

Gee Ranasinha Communications, Marketing

Nearly everything produced by your marketing department involves some level of copywriting.

Along with visual media, the text that you choose to add to your collateral, messaging and positioning pieces is absolutely crucial to your customer understanding your business value proposition.

So why is so much corporate copywriting so weak?

The most frequent mistake we see when assessing clients’ existing customer-facing value is that the material is written from the vendor’s point-of-view, rather than the prospective customer. To produce copy that resonates with your markets you need to put yourself in their shoes: Regardless of what you sell, and to whom, positioning your messaging from the customer’s perspective will allow you to produce more targeted copy that is focused on what your customer wants to hear – and not what you want to say to them. The goal of most copywriting is not to swell your corporate ego; it is to sell your product or service.

Yet writing copy from a customer perspective is very difficult (which is, or course, where we come in!). Your thought processes have been conditioned to produce ‘company-friendly’ words and phrases which, by and large, your customers are less familiar with than you are.

Thinking like your customer (or maybe even your customer’s customer), adopting a customer vocabulary, simplifying your grammar and sentence structure, etc. may seem like an obvious starting-point for writing copy. So why do so few companies do it?

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