importance of relevant content in business marketing

Content Isn’t Everything. It’s The Only Thing.

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A quick question for you: For most businesses, where would you say is the first contact point between the company and a prospective customer? Before they see your ad, read your postcard mailer or receive the sales cold call, the first engagement point with your company is most probably your website. So why don’t more companies take their website seriously? I don’t (just) mean the design and having up-to-date information on your business value offering – i.e. your product or service: whatever it is that you’re selling. I mean having content on there that existing and prospective customers want to read. I mean having a ongoing and regular program of delivering new content designed and researched in such as way for your audience to find interesting. So interesting that they’ll come back again, to consume even more of it. So interesting that they’ll talk about it with their friends. Today, before a customer ever buys your product or service, they “buy” into your company. They listen to your story, the narrative of why you do what you do. Why you sell, as much as what you sell. I’ll bet you, just as with our company, that if you checked your website …

"Enchantment" business book by Guy Kawasaki

Review: “Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki

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Spend any time on the web looking into business, marketing, leadership or sales and ten will get you five that you’ll run into Guy Kawasaki. Most people associate Guy with his time as Chief Evangelist at Apple. However, Guy’s time there was more than 20 years ago, when Apple was a very different company to the behemoth that it is today. Nowadays, Guy’s involved in a variety of projects such as founding a venture capital fund and the Alltop content aggregation site. In between all of that Guy speaks at various events, blogs and writes books. It’s a wonder how the man finds time to sleep. Today, most industries – and many companies – have become commoditized in the minds of their clientele. To build mindshare – and market share – organizations need to find honest and genuine ways to delight, seduce, to enchant their customer base to gain recognition, reputation and (above all) TRUST. This is the premise of Guy’s latest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, a preview copy of which I received not so long ago. The premise of the book is a ‘how-to’ guide on increasing your company’s influence on new and …