yesterday's marketing does not work today

Yesterday’s Marketing Doesn’t Work Today

Gee Ranasinha Business, Favorite

Yesterday, simply shouting was enough to get results. Today, we live in a world where most people actively resist marketing messages. Close the pop-up window. Skip past the commercials when watching the show that you recorded yesterday. Check your Facebook messages when the game cuts to an ad break. We don’t care about marketing because most marketing doesn’t care about us. Most marketing is about how great the company that’s trying to push their message thinks that they are. If I’m working from home on a weekday, I never answer the home telephone. Never. Why? Because anyone who knows me knows that if they need to get hold of me they need to email me, call my cellphone, or call my home office number. If it’s a weekday and the home phone rings I pretty much know that it’s a telemarketer calling. So I never pick up the phone. Even if you get their attention, the people who are listening to you resent you for interrupting them. I don’t care if the person on the end of that telemarketing call wants to sell me a goose that lays golden eggs for $10. The very fact that I’ve had to stop …