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When’s The Best Time To Change My Company Logo?

Gee Ranasinha Marketing 2 Comments

Perhaps it’s instinctive.

Something akin to how birds know when to fly South for the winter, or when hedgehogs decide to hibernate, or maybe how baby turtles know to head towards to sea as soon as they hatch.

It’s like an unconscious calling that emerges from the deepest, darkest recesses of a company owner’s psyche, usually after about 4 or 5 years:

Someone thinks that it’s time that the company updated its logo.

The suggestion usually comes either from the boss, or the Marketing Director – especially if the latter has recently joined the company. It’s often that case that one of the first things a new marketing person does is change/update the company logo. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the most “visible” changes that can be made and realized in a short space of time. I’m more inclined to think that it’s about personal ego.

Allow me save you the time and money: Don’t bother changing your logo.

Customers aren’t suddenly going to notice your business value offering because you’ve now got a shiny new ID. Nor will a customer walk away from buying your product/service because they didn’t like your logo (though they may well walk because of other reasons).

Unless you’re Audi , or Starbucks, or Holiday Inn, changing your logo is little more than a corporate ego trip. Then there’s the backlash if you get it wrong, as was the case with Gap not so long ago. Oh, and before I forget: your logo is NOT your brand.

Unless your logo looks really amateurish (unintentionally, of course), or has people confusing you with another company that does the same thing, there’s no point in changing your logo. Why? Because your customers don’t care.

Apart from the above, the only reason to change your logo is to define – or refine – your brand promise. As a result, aside from the printing inherent expenses, you’re then on a mission of re-educating your stakeholders – staff, customers, sales channels, partners, industry-watchers (journalists and consultants) and goodness-knows who else – on the new logo, and what it signifies.

That’s a whole bunch of time, money and effort delivered over the course of many months. In other words: for your company, at this time, it’s a waste of money that you cannot afford.

I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not marketing your company as well as you could be, so spend that money where it’s better served.

Put the logo refresh idea on hold.

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