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Online Video: Stop Reading. Start Watching.

Gee Ranasinha Marketing 6 Comments

Reading text is all very well and good, but video’s where it’s at.

Here’s a great video by Finland-based KLOK Creative Agency as to some of the reasons why the future of online content is video-based.

More than 80% of internet users view online video from sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion in any given month. YouTube alone has the equivalent of 48 hours of new video content uploaded to it every minute.

The potential for video within your company’s marketing mix is just too big to ignore. Watching a video engages audiences more than reading text or listening to audio.

Creating video content has never been easier, faster or cheaper. Whether you use it for lead generation, per-sales, customer service, or support, can you really afford to ignore it?

Fact: When we put our QARTO explanation video online, we saw that sales leads went up by a shade under 450% – within 4 weeks.

If we can do it, then so can you. And if you can’t, then let us help.

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Comments 6

  1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

    Excellent video post! We would encourage marketers to look beyond YouTube as there are many other video solutions out there that don’t have distracting competitor videos or ads, and where you can have your own branding instead of YouTube.

    1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha
  2. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

    Hi Gee. There are excellent video hosting options in Vimeo, Viddler, and on the more expensive side Ooyala. For outbound video messaging, our company mailVU, along with Eyejot and OpenMyVideo have free to low cost service. For recording customer testimonial videos and embedding them on your website or blog Videobloom and mailVU are two options. And of course there are live video chat options with Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, and MSN.

    I would encourage marketers interested in video marketing to consider the different use cases, and when to push video to prospects (video messaging) and when to pull viewers in. If you push videos out, or pull viewers into your website or blog, you can control the context and the branding. While YouTube is awesome for a lot of things, they will inject ads, insert other videos recommendations that may have nothing to do with you (or be from a competitor), and have ownership rights to your content. Some people think placing a video on YouTube is “video marketing”. Sorry to say but there are 24 hours of content being loaded on YouTube every hour, and your video will become lost of a vast sea of other videos.

    Lastly I would suggest we use video as a way of engaging with our users. Viral videos are cool, but quickly forgotten and build no long term connection. When a site uses video to communicate with their users (it could be video reviews of your service) it builds a greater level of interaction. And a longer lasting relationship. Patton Gleason at Natural Running Store does an amazing job with video as an online retailer.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

    The “Video is Awesome” clip is great! I just wish they made it wider in scope than just being a YouTube promo.

    1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha
  3. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

    Hi Gee. I’m with you regrading the essence of videos and how they can be too compelling for lead generation and other uses, or even too impossible to ignore appeal, so to speak. But I guess text-based online content still works especially when it comes to monetizing blogs. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Avatar for Gee Ranasinha

      I hear what you’re saying, Cathy. I think a lot depends on the nature of the site, the business demographic it’s serving, and the nature of the video.

      At the end of the day it’s about the meat in the sandwich. There is a lot of poor text-based content out there, just as there’s a lot of video out there that’s been poorly executed and/or badly produced.

      I would say that the goal is about providing content in a form that the target audience deems appropriate, whether that’s text, video, audio – whatever. My point is that most companies shy away from using video in their marketing, when the medium may well just be what their market wants.

      Thanks for your comment!

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