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The blog that you wrote yesterday.  The product / service description on your website.  The full-page ad that you placed in a trade publication.

Ten will get you five that they all have too much text.

People don’t read marketing text in the same way that they used to. Email, web pages and pop-TV type soundbites have reduced all of our attention spans. Instead, people scan your text to decide whether your message is actually worth reading. You’ve got a few seconds of their attention, so make it count.

Pull your prospects in with something that gets their attention. Keep it short, keep it sharp, keep it Fisher Price simple. Something that makes them want to find out more. Learn more. Do more.

Something that makes them want to hand over the most precious thing a prospect can give you – their time.

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After founding a successful media production firm, Gee became worldwide director of marketing for a European software company. As well as CEO of KEXINO he's an author, lecturer, husband, and father; and one hell of a nice bloke. Born and raised in the UK, today Gee lives in a world of his own in Strasbourg, France, tolerated by his wife and young son. Find out more about Gee at


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