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What’s Your Excuse For Not Using Video In Your Marketing?

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If any more evidence was needed as to the revolution in video communication currently taking place, take a look at The New Dial Tone, a short film shot at the recent BlogWorld Expo conference in Las Vegas.

What’s remarkable to me about the documentary is not so much its message of how blogging, podcasts, social media and video have changed the media landscape forever – regular readers of this and many other blogs have been aware of this for some time.

For me, the interesting thing was that the whole production was put together using very inexpensive equipment – the Kodak Zi8 and Flip Ultra HD pocket camcorders – costing less than $200 a piece.

Yes, the final result is a bit raw around the edges and pushes the capabilities of those cameras to their limits, but it shows just how far the technology has come to make such a project even possible. Well done to the producers, Marc Ostrick and a Michael Sean Wright, who could have used much more expensive and capable equipment; but chose not to.

The entry point to using video for you, your organization or your business has never been lower. Creating, editing and uploading video-based content to get your message across has never been easier, faster or cheaper.

The excuse that it costs too much to include video as part of your communications mix is no longer valid. So what excuse will you use from now on?

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