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When is a phone not a phone?

When it’s an ad for why it’s great to live in Nova Scotia.

Take a look at this spoof viral marketing piece from the Nova Scotia Government Department of Tourism “Nova Scotia Come To Life”. The premise is the introduction of a new smartphone that does much more than an iPhone or Android phone.

The “Pomegranate Phone” apparently shaves your legs, makes coffee and even turns into a harmonica (though in an eerie twist, the iPhone actually does something similar right now – fantasy meets reality?).

However, it’s all a ruse to get you to click on “Release Date” where you get the tourist/relocation bumf about how great Nova Scotia is.

There’s a bit of a hubbub about all of this at the moment. Apparently some are not best pleased that this project has cost the Canadian taxpayer over CAN$300,000 and think that the site’s too cool and slick for its own good and won’t generate an ROI.

Regardless of all the furore that’s being generated, the current publicity that this is getting (and I’m clearly as guilty of this as everyone else by mentioning it here) leads me to think that this is three hundred grand VERY well spent.

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