business marketing should be regular, like exercise

Why Marketing Is Like Exercise

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

If you market today, your business is not going to suddenly be successful tomorrow or next week. But if you market every day, next year your business may be fitter, and healthier, and stronger.

customers are bored with your business

Are Your Customers Getting Bored With You?

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Are your customers still the same eager advocates for your business that they were? Today, any business has a realtime barometer that gives them detailed information on customer opinion, sentiment and loyalty.

media and marketing convergence

The Inevitable Convergence of Media With Marketing

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

The distinction between what’s media and what’s marketing is eroding. The inevitable result is a convergence and integration of the two – even if the business models required to support such evolution haven’t emerged in the same way.

marketing is not about the technology

Marketing Is Not About Technology

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Marketing technologies such as social media and online video are simply a means to an end. It’s not about technology itself, but about imagination, creativity and inspiration.

Dr Amy Cuddy - TED Talk

Fake It Until You Become It

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

If you can’t be confident, passionate and enthusiastic about your business value proposition, then how can you reasonably expect your prospective customers to be?