Are Your Marketing Materials Too “Wordy”?

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The blog article you wrote yesterday. The product / service description on your website. That online ad you placed in a trade publication. Ten will get you five that they all have too much text. People don’t read marketing copy in the same way that they used to. Email, web pages and pop-TV type soundbites have reduced all of our attention spans. Instead, people scan your text to decide whether your message is actually worth reading. You’ve got a few seconds of their attention, so make it count. Take websites as an example. Your site’s homepage is not the place to explain why you decided to open a business, what your passion is, or the employment history of your management team. Don’t laugh – I’ve seen all of these, and much worse. However I’m not saying such information isn’t important to help customers make a buying decision. That sort of stuff is invaluable in helping develop a feeling of affinity and trust with your business. They have they place in the hierarchical scheme of things, it’s just that place isn’t on your homepage. I think the reason more businesses aren’t simplifying their marketing presentation is because simple is hard. It seems to …

Things can only get better!

Making Lemonade From Lemons

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Even once the economy bounces back, we’re not going back to ‘the good old days’. The climate will be different. Customers will be different, so business will need to be different.