The Passion Of The Small Business Owner

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Please do me a favor. Invest the next thirteen minutes of your day in watching this video.

John Nese is the owner of a store in LA that only sells carbonated soft drinks. Interviewed for food website Chowhound, John talks about the Coke vs Pepsi wars, why soda tastes better from a bottle made of glass rather than plastic, and other soda-related minutiae.

But listen past the differences in how root beer is made, or his views on manufacturers using corn syrup instead of sugar. Listen to his passion.

Hear him when he says that, to him, it’s not work – he just plays all day long. When asked to describe in one word the products that he sells, he first chooses the word ‘happy’, before giving a second option – ‘smile.’

Is he an obsessive? Perhaps. But his obsession is infectious. He loves what he does, and does what he loves. And his customers love him for it, as they keeping coming back. Watching the video you can’t help but feel the vibe in his shop, even if you’ve never been there.

You started in business with a passion. Do everything that you can to keep that passion. Do everything that you can to install that passion in your partners, your staff and your customers.

Because the day that you lose the passion, then so will everyone else.

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