The Changing Nature of Advertising

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According to Accenture’s 2008 Digital Advertising Study, global internet advertising revenue now exceeds $45billion and is on course to reach 21% of the worldwide market for advertising by 2012.

However, companies need to understand that internet advertising isn’t just a case of reformulating your press or flyer campaign for the web. The Study cites three key findings from Accenture’s research:

  • Attract and Keep Good Staff
    • Your company needs the skills and experience to innovate and define what makes best sense.
  • Analytics Are Crucial
    • Develop effective monitoring and analysis procedures and apply the findings to your value messages.
  • Business Development
    • Companies can no longer exist as islands. Develop strategic partnerships and alliances that reflect the new, dynamic nature of your business environment.

You cannot look at old-world solutions to solve new-age problems. Businesses today are facing rapid and disruptive changes to their established commercial models. What’s required is the realization, and implementing change and performance management processes that fit into the new environment.

As Albert Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

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