competition in business

Your Business Is Competing With Apple

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Or Coca-Cola. Or McDonald’s. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re competing with such commercial giants. You’re not the one who’s making the comparison. Your customers are.


Even The Best Salesperson Can’t Save a Poor Product

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Today – more than ever – you better make sure that your product delivers on its promise. In today’s connected-customer environment where product information is so freely available, the sales division can no longer cover-up product weaknesses in the same way that it used to.

Business Change to maintain relevance

Business Change Is Inevitable

Gee Ranasinha Business

If you’re not happy with the way things are going, what fundamental, radical, extra-ordinary changes are you prepared to make to your business to change things?

marketing is about how we feel

“Fight or Flight” Business Marketing

Gee Ranasinha Business

The vast majority of companies aren’t very good at producing marketing experiences that pass the “Fight or Flight” test. I’ll go as far as to say that I’m betting that your company is one of them.

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Change Your Business? Change Your Perceptions

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

If you’re a business owner today, the single most important thing on your mind right now should be focused on how to keep your business value remaining relevant in the minds of your customers. Change is always going to happen. What we see as novel today becomes trite and cliché tomorrow. The challenge is refining your value perception at the pace of change.


The New Definition Of Business Marketing

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Who is responsible for your business marketing? Most would assume that it’s the Marketing department. While that’s still partially true, the responsibility of a company’s marketing has transitioned to a wider sphere.

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Selling Margarita Pizza Is Boring

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Today’s commercial opportunity exists in the periphery. The product or service that’s been made to appeal to the widest possible audience already exists.