external business influences out of control

External Influences

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Every industry has their unique set of external influences that govern the validity of your business value. Make you that you know the factors that influence your business – and keep an eye on where they’re heading.

Incorporating video into emails

Email Becomes “Me-Mail”

Gee Ranasinha Marketing

Integrating video into your sales and marketing messaging, collateral and customer engagement activities is taking on ever-greater importance. Video captivates audience attention far better than text and/or images alone, and also helps differentiate your company.

reusing old templates in business marketing

Trash The Template

Gee Ranasinha Business

Are you re-using the same old sales proposal that you’ve used for the past three years? Copying and pasting the content and simply changing some details to fit? It’s important to break your business out of its routine now and again.